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Serran is a British outerwear company based in London and made in London specialising in coat making, knitwear, and bespoke one-off evening attire, all catering for men and women.

Our main focus point is targeting those that commute in and out of the city, catering our products to bring them style, practicality and comfort, with our motto being "Add love to your commute". Enhancing one's ability to take control of their external identity whilst also being aware of British craftsmanship.






Specialising in outerwear, we allow for our products such as coats, jackets and scarves to be ready-to-wear and bespoke, from design selection, controlled price points and stronger made to fit accessibilities. Giving an experience both online and offline. We create to give an alternative way to the sophisticated look.





All our products are designed and produced in-house at our London workshops. This allows us to be ethical in our production, environmentally friendly, cost effective alongside having more time to be experimental in our research and development.





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