Diamond Scarf Eureka Moment

“If you have ambition, desire and strength to work day and night, you can achieve any plan.” Thomas Edison
There are very few eureka moments in life, and none unaccompanied by hard work. Serran is the product of such hard work. Our company was established 10 years ago, and has grown and evolved into the luxury brand it is today. We pride ourselves on constantly developing our ideas and designs, exploring new materials and techniques in order to create high fashion, high quality items for you to enjoy.
The Diamond Cut Scarf has become a signature must have item for Serran aficionados. It is made using 100% cotton, and available in a range of complementary colours to match any wardrobe. The idea to cut the ends into this V-shape came as Serran wanted to make a scarf that could be worn with a suit or tailored coat.